Breaking The Spell of a Broken Woman

Understanding The Healing Process

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In addition to you learning about BlaQ Fire, the teacher, this class is also an introduction to what BlaQ Fire is within the structure of the Universe. The primary foundation of this class is to gain understanding of patriarchy, matriarchy & healing the mind on a metaphysical level. This class is 1 of 2 parts. When you complete both parts you will be equipped with 3 of the major steps necessary for healing the mind. You will learn how the how the moon ties in with the healing process. You will learn about manifestation, mirroring and blame. You will also be given several exercises that you can do to get you through each step. Don't forget to take the quiz after you complete the class.

Your Instructor

Reverend BlaQ Fire
Reverend BlaQ Fire

BlaQ Fire is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister and teacher of metaphysics via mystical word interpretation. She is an etymologist, phonologist and metaphysician who has been studying the science of words since 2013. With the gift of seeing the metaphysical meaning in the English language she has dedicated her time to helping people find & know their true self which is the ultimate key to healing. For more information on Rev. BlaQ Fire please see her YouTube, Facebook Page, Instagram or BlaQ Fire Nation website.

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